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Welcome to the Virginia School of Hypnosis – your place to embark on a deeply rewarding, lucrative and life-changing career.

For 17 years I have had the privilege of helping thousands of people lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress, reduce pain, lessen fear and accomplish a host of other goals.  I have had the pleasure of teaching and/or supervising over 200 professional hypnotists and through those relationship played a part in helping tens of thousands of people.

I have saved lives.  I have made a lot of money.  And I have made a lot of people laugh.  I also personally have been transformed and helped by this art of hypnosis through my own mentorship and self-hypnosis experiences.  I can honestly say that I have personally been very blessed by being a part of this profession and am delighted to pass the torch along to a new generation of care-givers.

Why learn hypnosis from the Virginia School of Hypnosis?

  • Incredibly rewarding – you can feel great using your desire to heal and help others in a way that is deeply therapeutic and proven effective
  • Incredibly lucrative – the average hypnotherapist makes $70,900 a year working part time.
  • Get the basics and start earning quickly – with as little as 50-100 hours of training you can be helping people more effectively than many professionals
  • Grow your skills, effectiveness and word of mouth based practice – with ongoing mentorships available you can be one of those in our group that make six figures and have clients referring their friends and medical doctors referring to you on a regular basis.
    Check out some of the testimonials on my private practice site www.richmondhypnosiscenter.com.  They could be talking about you!

Then give us a call at 804-454-CALM and set up an interview to apply and see if we can accept you as a student today!