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Hypnotherapy is an art form that is all about connecting with other human beings through the human voice and the human imagination.

For that reason we prefer to talk with you person to person through this revolutionary new technology called the “telephone”.

If you would rather e-mail than talk to a real live human I gueesss that’s okay ( but we encourage you to communicate with us the same way you will your client.  After all, you won’t be helping to change your clients lives through e-mail will you?

You will open up to the mutually trusting position of talking with your clients one on one, maintaining an attitude of deep desire to help them and you will ask questions to learn what makes them tick.  You will develop a real connection with them where you can understand where they are coming from, where they want to go, and help them develop and enact a plan of how to get them there.

Allow me to personally guide you through the same process as I learn about your goals and we can have a genuine conversation about whether learning hypnotherapy is right for you.

Call us at 804-454-CALM and set up an appointment with me (Larry) to talk about your goals in learning hypnotherapy.