Can I Be Hypnotized?

Don’t make the mistake of paying for hypnosis if you aren’t a good candidate.

Take this fun, interactive online test and find out!

Everyone can go into trance
but not everyone can go into HYPNOSIS!


What is the difference?


Trance is just when you zone out while you are driving, or bored or doing a repetitive task.

Hypnosis is your ability to accept suggestion and succeed in changing a negative behavior.  And it is a trait that can be measured.

This test is the culmination of our 50 years of research along with elements of the Harvard hypnotic susceptibility test, the Stanford Hypnotizability Test and the Sussex-Waterloo test of susceptibility. 

If you score medium-to-high in hypnotizability then decades of studies show that you can expect fast results and a high probability of success with changing the habits that you want to change.  You can reduce your stress and improve your life in a number of ways.

But if you test poorly then either your would need remedial training in using your brain in a different way than you are used to or hypnosis would be an expensive waste of money.  

Find out before you hire an expensive therapist.  Take our FREE, private test online NOW and find out how you’ll do!

It’s fun, relaxing and could be the most important self-evaluation survey you ever take. 

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