Hypnosis for Stress, Phobias, Pain
and Other Goals

Local stories of people we have helped to reduce symptoms of IBS, fibromyalgia, arthritis pain, anxiety, anger and more

Finally, Stress Reduction Made Simple…

Stress kills. And before it does it makes your life miserable.

Meet our friend Yvette. She is a professional counselor who used hypnotherapy to help her deal with anger and stress that was affecting her relationship with her husband and her kids. After working with the Richmond Hypnosis Center she is more relaxed, happier and has a much improved home life.

Wendy says we made her entire life better

RHC can work with your psychologist or medical doctor both as consulting hypnotists and to teach you hypnosis that can lower stress and raise contentment in your life in a way that fortifies you against depression.

Happiness involves perceptual habits that are unconscious. And the only way to reach and teach the subconscious mind is through years of therapeutic intervention – or a few sessions of hypnosis.

Megan reduced anxiety, depression and irritable bowel symptoms with RHC

Her stomach was destroying her life making her miserable. Her entire family was suffering.

Working together hypnosis helped her reduce stress and with suggestions to her subconscious even improve her digestive health.

Brittany reduced panic & anxiety attacks, throat spasms and phobias with hypnosis

After getting seriously ill from pesticides and molds in her home she lived in a continuous state of fear and anxiety. She suffered from spams, OCD and a phobia of leaving her home. Neither medicine nor therapy had helped her.

Since working with Richmond hypnosis she has not had a single panic attack – but has been able to control them before they start.

Edward gave up the pain of fibromyalgia with the help of Richmond Hypnosis Center

“Once I was able to connect my head to my body I was able to move past it” – Edward P.

Edward came to us with a cane. His body didn’t heal properly and was in too much pain to exercise. His healthcare team could only manage it – not bring about recovery.

He snapped his cane in two after working with us and got his life back. Sound too good to be true? Listen to him tell it. His story is far from unique.

Jewel conquored her phobia at Richmond Hypnosis Center

She had such a fear of someone vomiting that it caused her to not take her children out in public – even fun places. She couldn’t even visit a dying friend. It was a genuinely debilitating fear that made her fear like a bad parent.

Since working with Richmond Hypnosis Center she has overcome it.

Morgan no longer has a medical phobia because of hypnosis

Before coming to RHC Morgan couldn’t sit through biology class or even look at the medicine vial for her pet without getting woozy or passing out.

Recently she got the first medical physical in 15 years, can watch medical shows on TV and take care of her pets. Hypnosis genuinely improved the quality of her life.